Mettler Toledo 梅特勒 在線稱重 檢重秤

Mettler Toledo 梅特勒 在線稱重 檢重秤

  • 品牌: Mettler Toledo 梅特勒
  • 型號: XD系列
  • 其他型號:


Technical specification of the checkweigher


最大載荷maximum load            600 g

分辨率resolution                      d = 0.1 g

精度accuracy                           +/- 0.2 g


                                               (dependent on product size, weight and behaviour, throughput and environmental influence)

產量 throughput, up to           120/分鐘      120weighings per minute

量程 weighing range                 0 - 600 g  

傳感器 weighcell                          數字信號,免維護,性能穩定,溫度影響很小。 

, digital, maintenance free, temperature stable  


機械性能 Mechanical specification


產品輸入                            輸入傳輸帶,安裝在檢重秤的基架上,鋁制,400/150mm (軸距/皮帶寬)

infeed of products              infeed conveyor integrally mounted with the checkweigher

                                         made of black anodized aluminium   

                                         400/150 mm (distance between axles/belt width)

稱量傳輸帶                         鋁制,200/150mm (軸距/皮帶寬)

weighing conveyor              made of black anodized aluminium   

                                         200/150 mm (distance between axles/belt width)

產品輸出                            輸出傳輸帶,安裝在檢重秤的基架上,鋁制,400/150mm (軸距/皮帶寬)

outfeed of products           outfeed conveyor integrally mounted with the checkweigher

                                         made of black anodized aluminium   

                                         400/150 mm (distance between axles/belt width) l

電機                                 直流無刷馬達,集成控制電路,速度可通過觸摸屏連續可調。

motor                                DC brushless motor with integrated control circuitry; speed continuously variable at the touch of a key.

剔除設備                            吹氣式,用于剔除超重/欠重產品,安裝于輸出傳輸帶上


                                         剔除方向:向操作者 (請確認

rejection device                  sorting of over- and underweights by air jet mounted on outfeed conveyor     (rejection of overweights can be switched off)  

                                         (rejection towards the operator side) (please confirm) 

壓縮空氣                           4-8 bar,氣耗量:約50 /小時

compressed air                 4-8 bar, air consumption approx. 50 l/hour

生產線高度                        850 mm (請確認),標準高度570-1100mm

line height                         850 mm (please confirm), standard from 570-1100mm.

地腳螺栓                           不銹鋼材質,高度調節:+/-30 mm

foot screws                       made of stainless steel, height adjustable +/-30 mm

傳輸方向                            從左向右   (操作者面對顯示屏) (請確認)

transport direction              from left to right (see from the operator’s side) (please confirm)

使用環境                           為確保達到最好的精度,檢重秤的安裝地點應避免震動及空氣的流動

ambient conditions            to ensure maximum accuracy, the location where the checkweigher is to be installed must be free of vibrations and air draft as far as possible

材質/設計                          不銹鋼立柱支撐,立柱內安裝電子、電氣和驅動控制系統

material/design                  stainless steel/self supporting housing as a columnar cabinet, incorporating the electric and electronic systems and the drive control system.

防護等級                           標準:IP54

ingress protection              Standard: IP54



電氣性能 Electrical specification

電氣安裝                           遵循VDE01000113

electrical installations         corresponding to the VDE guidelines 0100 and 0113

電源要求                           115/230V,單相,N,PE,50Hz

power supply                    115/230 V, single-phase, N, PE, 50/60 Hz

功率wattage                      500 VA

使用溫度                           0 - 40 ° C

temperature range              0 - 40 ° C

注意                                  自動檢重秤的供電電源應單獨布線,以確保沒有電氣和電磁干擾

note                                  The power supply of the checkweigher must be interference-free (EMC,HF) to ensure trouble-free operation.

信號                                  無源觸點輸出potential-free outputs (designed as “make contact”)

signals                              - 檢重秤準備運行 weigher is ready

                                        - 傳輸帶運行 conveyors are running

稱重顯示儀 Weighing terminal


顯示儀外殼                        鑲嵌在控制柜上

terminal housing                integrated in the control cabinet


顯示屏 Screen


顯示屏                               高亮度、高對比度彩色液晶觸摸顯示屏,5.7“

display                              bright, high-contact colour touchscreen LC display, size 5.7”

功能                                         分辨率1/4VGA

Function                                  resolution 1/4VGA

顯示                                        - 當前產品;標準重量和皮重

                                                - 當前操作員;時間和日期

Indication                                 - current article; nominal weight and tare

-  current operator; time and data

當前重量值                              大字顯示毛重或大字顯示凈重。

Current weight value               large gross weight ondication,or large net weight indication

操作區                                      密碼登入和置零

Action section                          for log-in and re-zeroing


菜單部分Menu section


操作指導                           觸摸屏上顯示明晰的操作方法

operator guidance             intuitive operation approach by touchscreen display

軟開關softkey                    控制電機開和關/for motor start/stop

HOMEHOME key         用于快速退回主頁面/for quick jump back to the basic screen

MENUMEMU key         用于打開屏幕菜單/for opening the list of screen

HELPHELP key            用于打開幫助菜單/for context-sensitive help

前進/后退鍵                        用于在不同頁面間瀏覽


BACKWARD key                for moving from one screen to another

系統信息                             按時間和日期顯示的系統歷史信息

Syetem message                history of last system message with date/time


基本顯示界面Basic screen


分類計數                                    重量分類顯示:每個重量區域內的個數;當前重量分類指示。

Counter levels                   indication of the weight classification: counter levels of each weight zone and indicate the current weighing

信息欄                                系統狀態系統信息

Info line                              system status and system message